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ABOUT STARS Academy Lahore

Stars group of Academies, Schools & Colleges started operations in 1991 from Lahore with the aim to transform society by educating, innovating and empowering students in all over Pakistan by providing quality and affordable education.

Stars have built the future of thousands of students with its 70+ campuses across Pakistan. Our NMDCAT, ECAT, NUMS, FMDC AGAKHAN, GIKI, FAST, PIEAS, ITU, NUMS, COMSATS and ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY ISLAMABAD students are now on their journey to become a doctor and engineer in different universities. We believe that the rising tiers of stars will cast their light to illuminate this NATION and as they rise higher they will illuminate the whole world. At STARS we are devotedly working to produce enlightened and empowered leaders who will lead the society towards success only.

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