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STARS is an established name in MDCAT and ECAT preparation, guiding students to success since 1991. With 30+ years of legacy, 70+ centers, 1000+ expert faculty and 1 lakhs+ students, STARS is well known for its strong academic pedagogy and comprehensive MDCAT and ECAT preparation programs. Now, learning with the STARS Academy E-Learning App for MDCAT & ECAT is even more engaging, giving you conceptual clarity and helping you achieve their desired results.
STARS Academy offer a powerful blend of online and offline teaching, enabling students to learn anytime, anywhere.
Prepare for NMDCAT or ECAT the smart way with the STARS Academy E-Learning App, so you can build a dream career in engineering and medical.
The app has been designed taking into consideration a student’s unique learning needs while they prepare for the competitive exams. It helps provide deepen understanding and application of concepts while offering a holistic learning experience that will help students ace MDCAT/ ECAT. It will also aid in their preparation for other competitive exams like NET and FSC. The STARS Academy E-Learning App for MDCAT & ECAT through its engaging and in-depth test prep content, builds conceptual clarity and helps aspirants achieve desired results.
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App Features

  • Recorded Lectures
  • Live Teacher Support
  • Counseling Session
  • Group Discussions
  • Topic wise Notes
  • Home Assignments
  • Understanding of Topics by Animations
  • Assessment Analysis
  • More Helpful than traditional learning
  • Long Questions Practice
  • Short Questions Practice
  • Fortnightly Subject Tests
  • Q & A Sessions with Subject Specialists
  • MCQs Practice
  • Past Paper Solutions
  • Online Test Marking
  • Test time Management
  • Tests the true concepts and understanding of students
  • Plays an integral role in the selection of a student
  • A screening process so that most deserving students should come forward
  • True evaluation of a student’s capacity to grow as a university student
  • An opportunity to cover up the deficiencies of matric, and Entry Test
What's New
  • Register for TALENT Test
  • Live Classes

  • which includes:
  • Online LIVE classes by Pakistan best MDCAT/ ECAT teachers
  • Instant doubt resolution
  • & more!
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